text messages

Will we start getting location based text message ads like China is doing?


Episode 1131

Alan from Chatsworth, CA

Alan went to China and wanted to report his experience getting by the great Firewall of China. He used alternate ports with remote desktop and TeamViewer to skirt China's blocking restrictions, and it worked great. Leo says it sounds like China just blocked standard ports used for RDP and not something more sophisticated like Deep Packet Inspection. He was able to use Google and Facebook through his T-Mobile Smartphone. It was a little slow, granted, because it uses a slower EDGE connection for free digital roaming.

How can I back up text messages on my iPhone?

Episode 1056

Terri from Costa Mesa, CA

Terri has a ton of text messages over the last five years on her iPhone that she'd like to get onto her computer. Leo says that it's more than just texts, it's also images. First, Leo says she should backup her phone. Then get a program called iExplorer, by Macroplant. It will not only get her music, but also will allow her to export text messages to PDF, along with images. It'll also save voicemails.

How can I send email as SMS to an iPhone?

Episode 1022

Larry from Monrovia, CA

Larry has an elderly friend who has an iPhone. He would like to forward email to his phone and it's not working. Leo says that every phone offers a special address that is the phone number via email. So if he knows the carrier is, he can email him through that phone number. Usually it would be something like "10digitmobilenumber@txt.att.net" but they're all different. It'll be sent to him as a text message.

How can I get texts on Android and the iPad at the same time?

HTC Evo 4G

Episode 952

Stephen from Long Beach, CA

Steve bought an HTC Evo 4G with Virgin Mobile and he's having trouble with text messaging through Facebook. When his friend responds, it goes to his iPad, not his phone. Leo says that's probably because they're responding via iMessage. He'll have to delete his phone number from Facebook and then re-register the new one, even if it's the same number.

How can I stop the text messages coming from Facebook?

Episode 934

Chris from Charlotte, NC

Chris' father keeps getting a text message from Facebook, and it appears to be legit, but his dad doesn't even have a Facebook account. Leo says that somebody may have their phone numbers mixed up and keeps adding Chris' dad's phone number to their account. If his dad has a new cellphone number, the number may have been used by someone on Facebook and that's why he's getting it.