Sam Abuelsamid and the RestoMod

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1619

Sam joins Leo today to talk about the current trend of "RestoMods," which is taking an older car, restoring it, and then adding more advanced mechanics to it. Modern brake systems, suspensions, and engines to name a few. That way you get a car that looks like a classic but drives like a modern car. The latest iteration is to create a classic car with an electric drive train. And there's a company that's doing Jaguar Type E retrofits. How much? Sam's guess is that conversions will start at $50K.

How can I get good cell service in Mexico?

MyFi Device

Episode 1591

Steve from Trabuco Canyon, CA

Steve is traveling to Mexico and wants to know what's the best way to stay connected with data. Leo recommends PrepaidwithData.wikia.com. It'll also tell you the best hotspots. Get a MyFi card and you get LTE with up to five devices connected. What about phone calls? Leo says that most companies actually offer you a better deal by adding Mexico and Canada to your plan. 

How can I perfectly set the audio levels in my Tesla?


Episode 1563

Greg from Whittier, CA

Greg just a Model X Tesla and he wants to know if there's a midline for music. Leo says that it's mostly personal taste. Start with "Flat" on the EQ settings, that is, in theory, how it was mixed at the recording studio. Then, adjust to his preferences. But a lot of music today is overly compressed as part of the current pop music trend. And he can't fix that. So just play with it until he can get a mix he will like. There's no perfect.