Tesla Model 3

Is a Used Tesla a Good Bargain?


Episode 1624

Andre from Long Beach, CA

Andre has a budget of about $45,000 for a new vehicle and is looking at a used Model S. Is that a good idea? Leo says that he'll be better off with a Model 3, which is brand new and in the same price range. He's also getting a fresher battery, rather than buying someone else's, which may have reduced battery life. One thing that Leo is concerned about is the health of the Tesla car company itself long term. The real complaint that some are having is a delay in getting parts. Some up to two months and that's not a good sign. But every single person Leo knows who has a Model 3 loves it.  

Tesla Launched the Model 3, Starting at $35,000

Episode 1403

On Friday, Tesla launched its more affordable $35,000 car, the Model 3. The thing that's been keeping these cars so expensive is because of the batteries it requires. Teslas have a long range of 200+ miles, which means it needs bigger batteries. Tesla has put batteries in the chassis for this, which is a good place to put them because it gives the car more stability and keeps it out of the way. The price of these batteries has been dropping considerably, though.

Learn more about the Tesla Model 3 at tesla.com.