Time Warner Cable Drops CBS

Episode 1001

Time Warner Cable has dropped CBS in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas after CBS asked for a 600% increase in their licensing fees. They also took off CBS' other cable networks including Showtime.

CBS responded by blocking Time Warner Internet customers trying to stream CBS content. Leo says we've seen this kind of brinksmanship before as both sides angle. Leo says it's like dinosaur's fighting and there's no winners, especially the consumers.

Could I watch movies using bluetooth headphones?

Episode 968

Art from Scottsdale, AZ

Art wants to listen to his blu-ray movies via bluetooth with a wireless set of headphones. Leo says he would need a Bluetooth dongle. Some work well, but a lot don't. There's another issue of battery life. Leo also says that Art will want a headphone and Bluetooth adapter that supports the stereo A2DP spec. There's a number of them for sale on Amazon. Check out the Miccus Home RTX Transmitter/Receiver.

How come I have to keep resetting my FIOS cable box every time I turn my TV on?

Episode 880

Peter from Brooklyn, NY

Leo suspects it's the TV not automatically detecting the signal from the cable box properly. The TV is most likely set to "auto detect" the resolution to display, and the "blinking picture" that Peter is referring to could be the TV's inability to detect that on its own. Since Peter's TV is capable of 1080p, he should set his both his cable box and his Google TV box to 1080p instead of "auto".

Should I look into the "online TV" service that I got an email about?

Episode 879

Bill from Hemmit, CA

No, this is not something Bill would likely be interested in. Leo says they aren't technically scams because they do offer what they claim, 4,500 channels, but they are obscure channels that no one cares about -- Romanian soccer, or Russian shopping channels for instance. It doesn't replace a satellite dish or cable subscription, and what they offer is something that you could find for free anyway.

With digital over-the-air TV, is it normal to get a lot of digital drop outs even with a strong signal?

Episode 879

Lot from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Leo says it's not normal if he's getting a strong signal. Typically with digital, when moving farther away, the signal doesn't degrade as gracefully as analog would. Instead of showing artifacts or static, it either shows the picture or it doesn't. There's a point where the analog signal might still be there, but the digital signal isn't. If he's in range of the signal, and has a strong signal, Leo says he shouldn't get any drop-out at all.