CEOs Worry Employees Want to Keep Working From Home


Episode 1822

According to a recent study, CEOs are beginning to worry that employees who work from home because of the pandemic won't want to come back once things get back to some kind of normal. Leo says that the world has changed, and people realize that life is too short to simply put up with your job because it's your job. Many are retiring early, quitting, or just wanting to stay at home. It's also changing entertainment as people prefer to stay at home and stream rather than go to the movies.

Twitter Announces Employees Can Work from Home Forever

Episode 1697

Twitter announced this week that their employees can work from home and don't ever have to come back to the office. Leo says that this could be a new emerging trend, where companies allow ther employees to telecommute. The result could also be that people will be able to live where they can afford, rather than living in expensive areas. But it may also mean that companies will pay their employees less if they live in cheaper areas. But companies are also battling for the best talent, by offering amenities. Working from home will be part of that.

The Internet Will Keep Us Connected During Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Episode 1678

With the Coronavirus outbreak prompting the government to encourage people to practice "social distancing," many companies are letting their employees work from home. Leo says we finally have the bandwidth speeds available to be able to do video conferencing and team applications that can work via telecommuting. Church's are encouraging parishioners to watch services online, and thanks to Google Hangouts, Apple's Facetime and other video chat apps, we can keep in touch with friends and family. So it couldn't be a better time to be facing this.