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Leo's Thoughts on the New iPad Pro

iPad Pro with Keyboard

Episode 1539

Leo got a 256GB iPad Pro this week, and Leo says the iPad Pro is a sexy piece of technology. It's so thin, they couldn't even put a headphone jack in it! But he also says that after buying the keyboard folio, the magnetic Apple Pencil 2, and the iPad itself, he was into it for over $1600. He also says it far surpasses a comparable laptop in many ways. It has the True Tone display, an adaptive Liquid Retina display, an eight core A12x Bionic chip which is 7nm small, the smallest processor ever, and 7 GPUs. It's incredibly fast. Faster than 92% of all laptops sold, according to Apple.

Where can I find good reviews on tablets?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1121

Alan from West LA, CA

Alan is trying to find a good tablet for his teenagers. Is the Lenovo Yoga a good option? And who should he trust for reviews? Leo says that Consumer Reports is trustworthy because they don't take advertising. But it also depends on the product. In some areas, they don't have the expertise and tend to review from a "normal joe" point of view. That's often the beef of audiophiles. And computer geeks have a similar complaint. Regardless of these concerns, they're worth looking at.

Amazon Kicks Router Company Off for Threatening to Sue Reviewer

Episode 1081

Amazon has removed a company from their site for threatening to sue a reviewer who posted a review which Leo says could be libelous because his comments can't be proven. Leo says that the company MediaBridge, may have had a case, but Amazon's decision to take MediaBridge's products off the site seems to be a hefty penalty. Leo says posting an opinion is protected and just fine. But to make statements that you can't factually prove open you up to libel. So the moral of the story is, when you write a review, be accurate.