How can I have privacy on the internet while out of the country?


Episode 1137

Dennis from Costa Rica, CA

Dennis is vacationing and he's concerned about privacy on the public hotel Wi-Fi. Leo says that's when a Virtual Private Network, or VPN can come in handy. It's like a tunnel through the internet that is encrypted and nobody can see his traffic. But it will be a little bit slower. He uses TalkaTone and wants an encrypted phone line. Leo says it's a good option, but he also recommends RedPhone. It has end to end encryption.

What are the best VOiP options?


Episode 1051

Mary from Los Angeles, CA

Mary wants to know about alternatives to Jajah, a VOIP service that she's been using and is going out of business.

Leo says Skype is one solution and she can use Skype with a phone number on a mobile phone with the app. It's very inexpensive. She can buy a Skype Out account, and that lets her make calls to regular phones. Leo did that with his daughter when she was studying overseas. Mary is worried about governments listening in when she calls overseas. Leo says that unless she's Jason Bourne, nobody really cares.