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Chris Marquardt ... Stuck at Home

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1680

Chris got the flight out of Zimbabwe when the country expelled all foreigners. And it's looking like the rest of Chris' travel photo workshops will be canceled during the outbreak. Like everywhere else, everything is shut down, though most areas don't have a mandatory shelter in place order. But social distancing is being practiced with no more than two in a group. Chris works from home anyway. So this is normal for him. 

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1466

Chris wants to talk about shooting Macro today and there are some great little lights you can get that can be used to light things up close without overwhelming the image. Little tiny LED lights that are dimmable are great for that. You can find USB powered ones on Amazon. The LED light on your iPhone can work as well since it's dimmable now. There's also gooseneck USB extensions that you can move and control exactly where you want the light to shine.