How can I find a reputable tech?

Episode 1261

Alan from Hunting Beach, CA

Alan wants to know how to find a reputable computer tech. Leo says thats the conundrum, because there are a lot out there. It's also hard to find because it's hard to make good money. All the good guys are getting swooped up by startups. There is Geek Squad and Nerds On Call. Leo's heard bad stories from the Geek Squad, though. The Apple Store works by design, because they keep it all in house. Leo says that the prices are so low on computers now, it's almost not worth it to have them fixed. There are better choices for the home user like a Chromebook or a tablet.

What Windows laptop should I get for my husband?

Microsoft Surface 3

Episode 1196

Dina from Manhattan Beach, CA

Dina also wants to get her husband a new laptop, but he doesn't like Apple. What about the Microsoft Surface? Leo says that the Surface 3 is great. She doesn't need the pro version, which is $1300. But the Surface 3 is a small, light tablet that a keyboard can attach to. It also comes with Office. Dina should check out the Microsoft Store for more.

Where can I find good reviews on tablets?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1121

Alan from West LA, CA

Alan is trying to find a good tablet for his teenagers. Is the Lenovo Yoga a good option? And who should he trust for reviews? Leo says that Consumer Reports is trustworthy because they don't take advertising. But it also depends on the product. In some areas, they don't have the expertise and tend to review from a "normal joe" point of view. That's often the beef of audiophiles. And computer geeks have a similar complaint. Regardless of these concerns, they're worth looking at.

Can I use my tablet's data plan with other devices?

Nokia Lumia 2520

Episode 1067

Jerry from Santa Ana, CA

Jerry is looking at the Nokia Lumia 2520 for about $90 plus activation. Will he be able to use his other devices with it? Leo says that the deal will only be for internet access to the tablet, not any other option. Jerry would have to hotspot that, which would cost extra and blow through his data cap. One option though is a MiFi wireless access card. That would allow for sharing data to up to 5 different devices. Generally speaking, they're faster, more expensive, and more consistent.

Nokia to Start Selling Lumia 2520 Windows RT Tablet November 22

Nokia Lumia 2520

Episode 1031

Nokia will start selling its Lumia 2520 8 inch Windows RT tablet on November 22nd. It will be available from Verizon and AT&T, and is roughly the same cost as an iPad, at $400. It comes with Microsoft Office free.

Nokia Lumia 2520 RT tablet available in US for $400 on 22 November (ZDnet)…