What do I do if I think the phone I bought was stolen?

Episode 1004

Greg from Springfield, IL

Greg bought a used Samsung Galaxy S2 and it worked for a month before a previous owner blacklisted it, preventing him from using it. Leo says Greg likely bought a stolen phone. He can unlock the phone and that would allow it to be reactivated again. Then Greg can put an AT&T SIM in it and use it again, but it's dead with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Announces Jump Program, Other Companies Follow Suit

Episode 997

T-Mobile has announced the "Jump" program, which would allow T-Mobile subscribers to jump to a new phone after just six months with no penalty. Users will continue to pay the monthly fee and hand in their old phone to exchange for a new phone.

Almost instantly, AT&T and Verizon both announced their own upgrade plans -- "Next" and "Edge" respectively. Leo says that the upgrade programs are just not worth it because you end up paying fees for the priviledge every month. It ends up being over $1000 more. Leo thinks users are better off just buying an unlocked phone.

What's the best phone carrier for a trucker?

Episode 983

Herbert from Oregon

Herbert has a Sprint Unlimited Data Plan, but he's got bad Sprint coverage and he roams a lot. He gets roaming charges and even gets cut off until the next month. Leo says it comes down to getting a carrier that has good coverage where he is. As a trucker, it makes sense to pay close attention to coverage maps. All carriers have their quirks. Leo recommends T-Mobile because he has an unlimited plan for $70, and because it isn't widely used, he seldom runs into slow downs.

Could I move the Nexus IV to another carrier?

Episode 976

Scott from Pasadena, CA

Scott loves the Google Nexus IV, but it's GSM only with T-Mobile. He's not much a T-Mobile fan, and would like to move it to another network. Leo says that since it's GSM, it only would be able to work with a carrier that uses GSM, which is AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon and Sprint use a different technology called CDMA.

Google created the Nexus to be a developer phone, and as such, it may only be designed to work with T-Mobile. So he may just be out of luck there. It's a real shame too, because the Nexus phones are really popular. People really want vanilla Android.

What smartphone and phone carrier should I get?

Samsung Galaxy S III

Episode 954

Cathy from Long Beach, CA

Cathy has to get a new phone and wants to change to something else from Sprint. She has ruled out AT&T and Verizon, so that leaves T-Mobile. It doesn't have the iPhone yet, though. The real problem could be coverage. Softbank just bought Sprint, so they may improve over time. Leo thinks T-Mobile is the best bet for Cathy and recommends the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Galaxy Note 2.