Sprint Gives Up on Buying T-Mobile

Episode 1107

After a competing bid from France came in for T-Mobile, Sprint officially pulled out of the running this week. Leo says it's a good thing because more carriers means more competition and that means better pricing and services for consumers.

Sprint Said to End T-Mobile Discussions, Names New CEO (Bloomberg)…

Can I buy a new phone and keep my unlimited data plan?

Blackberry Bold

Episode 1106

Alan from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Alan still uses a Blackberry Bold and he's keeping it because of his unlimited data. Leo says that if he pays the full price for the phone and it's not being subsidized, chances are he won't lose his data plan. The carrier will try hard to get him to transition off the unlimited plan to a family share plan, but Leo says they'll get him on overage charges. So he should keep it as long as he can. The chatroom says Verizon doesn't consider the Blackberry Bold a smartphone, so he may not be able to keep that unlimited data plan no matter what he does. He also wants to tether to his laptop.

Should I buy my iPhone off contract?

Apple iPhone 5S

Episode 1102

Kim from Santa Clarita, CA

Kim wants to switch carriers and wants to know the best option for getting an iPhone. Leo was going to suggest T-Mobile, but that's where Kim is and she doesn't want to have a contract. Leo says that without a contract, she'll have to pay for a phone unsubsidized. She can also buy the iPhone 5S unsubsidized and make payments on it, but that's just like having a contract. Should she wait? Leo says we'll know when the iPhone 6 is coming out in a couple months. It'll probably be out in September.

What's the best option for getting an iPhone off contract?

Episode 1095

Tom from Charlotte, NC

Tom's contract with Verizon is almost up and he's thinking of moving to another carrier. Leo says that Verizon is on CDMA and T-Mobile and AT&T is on GSM. But pretty soon all will be on LTE, so it won't matter anymore. He wants to move to a no contract carrier. His mother wants to get an iPhone 5S. Can he get that off contract? What about the iPhone 6? Is that coming in the fall? Leo says that's the speculation. Will it be larger? Leo says nobody really knows. There's been pictures of larger screens, but they're prototypes.

Sprint and T-Mobile to Merge, If Approved by FCC

Episode 1090

The merger of Sprint and T-Mobile won't be an easy sell to the FCC. They stopped the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile in 2011. If they do approve this, Softbank, which now owns a majority of Sprint, will rebrand the new company as SoftBankUSA with John Ledger as CEO. But while Sprint and T-Mobile aren't doing all that great, he believes that if they can survive individually, they shouldn't merge. Leo likes competition and he doesn't think it'll happen.

Is the Blue Life View Android phone a good buy?

Blue Life View Android Phone

Episode 1088

Lee from Burbank, CA

Lee has a Blue Life View mobile phone. The phone has dual sims, which is primarily used overseas when crossing international borders.

Leo doesn't like that it uses Android 4.2, which is a bit dated. Also, since it's an international phone, he'll want to check that the frequencies from his carrier are supported. It won't support LTE, which means he won't get the fastest data. But it's not bad for the money. Leo recommends getting the Motorola Moto G, which has the same specs for half the price. It isn't dual sim, but unless he's traveling overseas, it's more than enough.