sysinternals process explorer

Why is My Hard Drive Waking Up When the PC is Asleep?


Episode 1598

Ralph from Altoona, PA

Ralph has a Dell computer that spins up the hard drive when it's asleep. What gives? Leo says it's probably running a program like mail in the background and it will still retrieve the email from time to time. Windows 10 also phones home from time to time to check for updates, indexing files, etc. He can always run the Microsoft Process Explorer, as part of Sysinternals, to see what's doing on. 

Why does Windows 7 keep saying it's preparing to delete files?

Episode 1361

Barbara from Los Angeles, CA

Barbara is getting a message that Windows 7 is preparing to delete her files as soon as she turns on her computer. Leo says that if Barbara has left files in the recycle bin, it may be that when she turns on the computer, it wants to delete the files in the recycle bin because it's full. She should try emptying the recycle bin, assuming she doesn't want anything in it, and then that should solve the popup. If she reboots and the message is still coming up, there could be something wrong with her system.

Why can't I use my laptop after it goes idle for a few minutes?

Episode 1279

Scott from Arlington, TX

Scott is having trouble accessing apps on his Lenovo running Windows 10. It usually happens after it sits idle for a few minutes. Then when he activates it, it just sits there like it's doing something else. Leo says that there's a good app by Microsoft called SysInternals Process Explorer, which will give him a breakdown of what processes are running in the background during that time. It's like Task Manager on steroids. It's very light weight and he can actually have it running in the background, so when it does happen, he'll be able to see what process is going wild.