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Power surges occur most commonly when you regain power to your place after a power outage or during the operation of high-power electrical devices such as air conditioners. Switching between devices that demand a large amount of power can upset the general voltage flow within your electrical system. When a power surge occurs, there is the possibility of your devices using less power to overload on electricity and be fried internally.

Is My Modem Fried?


Episode 1646

Johnny from Atlanta, GA

Johnny has an ARRIS modem that he bought in 2017 and has gigabit service. But after a power outage, his internet didn't come back up. A technician came out and said that the power outage fried out his modem, even though the power light is on. Leo says it can happen when the power surges into a home as it gets turned back on. That's why people need a surge protector. Leo also says that if they fried the modem, the power company should get him a new one.

How can I protect my home from lightning strikes?

Episode 1421

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay's house was in a recent thunder storm and his cable modem (and other devices) are dead. What happened? Leo says that the cable modem has more than one access point to get zapped by power surges from a lightning strike. If there is a lightning storm, the best route is to disconnect and unplug. Another tip is to look into whole-home surge suppression, installed by an electrician.

Why doesn't my computer work after a power surge?

Episode 1286

Audry from Los Angeles, CA

Audry has an old HP desktop running Windows 7, but after a power outage, her computer won't turn on. She even had a surge protector. Leo says that even the best surge protectors won't protect against huge power surges. But it may also be that when the power came back on, it jumped across the surge protector in a rush. It could also be that the power supply shorted out. Leo recommends replacing it. A surge protector also has a fuse and if the fuse popped, then nothing will work until she pops them in. Leo suspects the power supply just blew out.

Why isn't my laptop charging?

Episode 1222

David from Los Angeles, CA

David is getting a low battery warning even though he's got his laptop plugged in. Leo says that a UPC battery backup could trigger that, as could the surge protector if it's malfunctioning. Both will prevent his laptop from charging if they are defective. The good news is that a laptop is built robust enough that he doesn't really need a surge protector.

Why won't my monitors work when I turn on my printer?

APC BE550G Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 120V

Episode 1105

Fred from Redding, PA

Fred has a monitor that suddenly went out. So he replaced it with a TV and now it's gone out as well. Leo says that the original monitor may not be bad, it could be the cable. It could be a bad cable or the refresh rate settings in his computer may be incorrect. But since it happened when he turned on his printer, his power connections could be to blame and putting in an AV power supply could be helpful. They have surge suppression that will filter the power and keep it consistent.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 999

Dickie D brings along to the show the Powramid Power Center. It's a surge protector that's ideal for a conference room (Or any place you need more outlets.) Placed on top of a conference room table, it provides surge protected power outlets for up to six devices, plus two USB plugs. The Powramid Surge Protector is available in black or white. On Amazon it’s available for about $22.00 at the link above.