Surface RT

Should I get an Apple or Windows laptop or tablet?

Episode 1024

Colby from

Colby's parents are going to get him either a laptop or tablet. Apple or Windows? Leo says it largely depends on what the school uses, usually. A tablet for school work is a tedious affair. So you'd have to buy a bluetooth grade keyboard for another $100. Microsoft will be coming out with the Surface 2 in two days. Also check out the HP ChromeBook. A real laptop, but it runs the Chrome OS. You use Google Docs and you' have all you need and the price isn't all that bad at $279.

What tablet should I get?

Microsoft Surface RT

Episode 1007

Jean from Las Vegas, NV

Jean is getting a tablet computer for her birthday. She was thinking about getting the Surface RT. Leo says the only real advantage of the Surface RT is that it's been deeply discounted and has Windows Office built in. She'll still need to pay another $100 to get the type keyboard add-on. Unfortunately, though, the only Windows app that works on RT is Office. No other Windows based software can be installed on it.

Is the Windows Surface RT tablet good for accessibility? (Part 2)

Episode 974

Thomas from Boston, MA

Thomas also wants to know if the Windows Surface tablet has accessibility. Leo says not as well as the iPad. The iPad is fully equipped with accessibility features. Thomas was considering the Surface RT tablet because he depends heavily on SkyDrive. Leo says there is a SkyDrive app for the iPad that he could use though.

He also uses OneNote, which also is available on the iPad.

What's the best tablet for writing?

Microsoft Surface RT

Episode 965

Chris from Lakewood, CA

Chris needs to get a tablet for the work he does writing and proofreading. Leo says that a Windows Surface tablet is probably the best solution for Chris since he needs Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader. The Surface RT comes with Office, and would work just fine for Chris. It's lower powered and won't work with traditional Windows software, though. For that, Leo recommends the Surface Pro, but it doesn't come with office. Leo also recommends the Type keyboard cover.