Surface Pro

Why Isn't My Surface Pro PC Being Updated?

Surface Pro 7

Episode 1715

Jose from Modesto, CA

Jose has a Windows Surface Pro PC that hasn't been updated to the latest Windows 10 yet. What gives? Leo says that those are "feature updates" and Microsoft is updating the Surface Pro hardware last. Don't try and force it. It'll come sooner or later. And really, there's nothing in it Jose really needs right now. Security updates through "Patch Tuesday," and other critical updates will come separately and those are more important. 

What's the best tablet for writing?

Microsoft Surface RT

Episode 965

Chris from Lakewood, CA

Chris needs to get a tablet for the work he does writing and proofreading. Leo says that a Windows Surface tablet is probably the best solution for Chris since he needs Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader. The Surface RT comes with Office, and would work just fine for Chris. It's lower powered and won't work with traditional Windows software, though. For that, Leo recommends the Surface Pro, but it doesn't come with office. Leo also recommends the Type keyboard cover.