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What's the difference between off site backup and syncing?


Episode 1138

Michelle from Thousand Oaks, Ca

Michele uses Carbonite and she's concerned about how long the backup lasts. Leo says that if she deletes the original on the local drive, the backup drive will be removed about three months later. But if she's syncing it, it'll delete it immediately. Generally, though, backups don't get deleted right away. That's the whole idea.

Why does it take so long for Carbonite to backup my hard drive?

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Episode 1130

Daryl from Los Angeles, CA

Daryl wants to know how long Carbonite will take to backup his hard drive. Leo says to take 740kbps x 60 then divide by 10. 10 KB per minute. If he does the math, it takes quite a bit of time. Carbonite knows this and as such, Daryl can request to have a hard drive sent to him and then he can back up his system and sent it back.

Why is Super Duper giving me permissions errors?

Episode 1029

Tony from Buffalo, NY

Tony is having issues backing up with Super Duper with his iMac. He keeps getting permissions errors. Leo says that for some reason, some drives can become read only out of nowhere. So he will have to change it back. Tony says when he schedules a backup, even though it's locked, he gets the same error. Leo says the issue may be in the settings in Super Duper.

Why am I having problems with my Mac ever since restoring a backup?

Episode 1005

Ron from Brea, CA

Ron has a MacBook Pro that he bought in 2012. Lately he's been getting beach balls and crashes. He took it to the Apple Genius and they reformatted the computer. Leo says that's standard because they can't tell at first if it's software or hardware. Restoring the computer to its native state can eliminate a software issue easily. He restored it from the backup they made and now he's having trouble. Leo says it could be a bad backup.

How can I backup large video files?

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Episode 957

Melissa from California

Melissa's son is trying to upload videos with her iMac, but she's having issues now with drive space. She has a 1TB hard drive backup and the iMac says there's too many items in the "startup disc." Leo says that's the internal drive, and it's full. Leo says Junior is not taking the videos off after uploading them. There are programs that would let her look at the drive graphically to see what can be removed. Anything over a 1GB in size should be moved over to the external drive and removed.