streaming video

How can I improve the audio on my streaming video network?

Behringer XR18

Episode 1522

Andy from LA

Andy does live video streaming at the FocusTV Network and he's having issues with live audio through his Lav mics. Leo says that network TV audio is terrible, but people never seem to notice it because viewers are paying attention to the video as well. Leo doesn't use Lav mics at all if he can avoid it. He uses a good studio microphone for the best possible sound. If he considers his talk show a radio show with pictures, and mix with the right mics, it'll sound better.

Why can't I stream TV from my computer anymore?

Episode 1387

George from Weymouth, MA

George can't seem to watch streaming TV on his Samsung computer anymore. The icons have even disappeared. Leo says he thinks that George is no longer in mirror mode. He's in "extended" mode and that's why he can't see his icons. Set it for mirror mode, and it all should pop up. Netflix is also smaller. Leo says that may be a resolution issue via copy protection. The cable may also have gone bad.

Why won't my Amazon Fire TV work with my AV receiver?

Denon AV Receiver

Episode 1102

Joe from Austin, TX

Joe got an Amazon Fire TV, but when he plugs it into his Denon AV receiver it doesn't work. Leo says he likes the Denon AV receiver and can't imagine why it wouldn't work. Everything in the chain is "HDCP" complaint for copy protection. So it should work just fine.

Leo thinks it may be a bad port or bad cable. Make sure the settings from the Fire TV and the TV itself are matched. If one is 1080i and the other is 1080p, then the handshake could fail. Turn everything off and unplug it. Then plug each thing in one at a time, ending with the TV.

Do I really need Flash for streaming video?

Episode 986

Chris from Kentucky

Chris wants to know if he really needs to deal with Flash for streaming video. Leo says no. Thanks to Apple taking a stand against it, Flash has started it's painful death. Not even Adobe is going to support it very much longer. If he's on YouTube, he can go to and opt out of using Flash. As time goes on, more and more sites for video are adopting the HTML5 standard.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 979

Scott says that we've reached the point in streaming online that the convenience of it far outweighs the quality of the image, which is improving over time. The quality looks as good as a DVD, but not as good as a Blu-ray. Leo says that for most people, that's good enough to "cut the cable." That's why video rental stores are closing by the droves. Sure, you can rent recent movies on RedBox, but older films live on streaming. What's really causing streaming to lag is the speed at which the video is delivered. The US is 25th in the world in high speed internet access.