Can I use my Echo to control my stereo?

Episode 1423

Steve from Wichita, KS

Steve is visually impaired and he wants to know if he can use the Amazon Echo to control his Sonos stereo system. Leo says yes! You can set it to the auxiliary input and then you can use the Echo to control it. That's the way to do it. The Apple Home Pod will also be able to do it in December. Go for the DOT though. Leo has his DOT connected to his and it works great.

How can I stream music to my old stereo?

Chromecast Audio

Episode 1398

Lynn from Torrance, CA

Lynn wants to get a new laptop to use for streaming music to her home stereo. What's the best setup for her, Intel or AMD? Leo says either will do. The real issue is that since Lynn is going to be converting analog to digital, she needs a good DAC. She'll want something that's all digital, so she should avoid connecting through the headphone jack. Bluetooth is solid option. Google has Chromecast Audio, which is supported by Spotify and Pandora too.

How can I connect a car stereo to my home speakers?

Car stereo

Episode 1114

Steve from Canoga Park, CA

Steve has a car stereo and he wants to connect it to home speakers. Leo says that he's got the resistance mismatched which could cause some damage. Steve will need a step converter to be able to handle it. But many believe that there's not enough mismatch to worry about it. An impedance matching transformer would fix it, as would two speakers in parallel.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 961

Scott got a question from Dominick about whether he needs a sub woofer. He lives in an apartment and he can't get anything too big. Leo says that a sub woofer got him in trouble when he was living in his studio apartment. Scott says that's because of the low range of the woofer that travels very far, and even if it's not at high volume, it can really carry in every direction. Where would he connect it with a two channel system anyway? Scott says that most preamps have two sets of speaker outputs.

What stereo should I upgrade to in my truck?

Episode 919

Jerry from Washington

Jerry is a long haul trucker, and has a Pioneer AKH780 system in his semi truck that needs to be replaced. Leo says that CDs are being phased out of front end car stereos. Leo recommends the JVC K-Wav 70BT, which supports integration of iPods and other digital devices. He'll want to get support for A2DP as well so he can integrate his phone to it. USB ports would be great as well to charge the device.