What Bluetooth transmitter should I get?

Azeca BT005 Bluetooth Transmitter

Episode 1252

Rene from San Bernardino, CA

Rene wants to use Bluetooth speakers to listen to his stereo, but his stereo doesn't have Bluetooth capability. He could find a cheap transmitter on Amazon that would use an analog connection to his stereo. Leo recommends the Azeca BT005 Bluetooth Transmitter for around $28. This would plug into the headphone jack of his stereo. He should know that the range for Bluetooth is only about 30 feet.

How can I get stereo out of my bluetooth headphones?

Episode 974

Fennis from Pomona, CA

Fennis has a pair of bluetooth headphones and would like them to be in stereo. He tried a dongle he bought on eBay and it didn't work. Leo says that's because it's probably not A2DP compatible. Fennis really needs to get headphones or dongles that support A2DP.

Web4510 in the chatroom suggests a Greymobile's USB 2.0 Bluetooth Dongle.