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What happened to my Windows 10 Start Menu?

Windows 10

Episode 1708

Andy from Missoula, Montana

Andy has updated his mom's computer with Windows 10 Home. He's got her Defender AntiVirus all updated. But now, her start menu won't come up and the Windows key doesn't work. Should he look at the registry? Leo says NO!  Trust the solutions at Leo says that any user who isn't sure what they are doing can mess things up in the course of learning to use their system. The reality is, Windows is too powerful for your mother or someone who isn't a sophisticated user. Leo recommends replacing that Windows 10 system with a Chromebook.

How can I get my Start Menu back in Windows?

Microsoft Windows 10

Episode 1284

Louis from Bellflower, CA

Louis is having issues with his start menu disappearing in Windows 10. Leo says that is one of the reasons why he recommends buying a Chromebook. It's just easier to use for basic computing. At this point, the best thing he can do is back up his data and start over. There's a recovery option in the control panel that will allow him to reinstall Windows. Then the problem should go away. It's a hassle, but it'll fix it.

Next Version of Windows Will Have a Start Menu

Episode 1039

According to both Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott, the next version of Windows, code named "Threshold", will include a Start Menu. This could be an admission by Microsoft that the Windows 8 tile system did not work. Leo believes there was a very vocal faction in Microsoft that said the future of computing was moving away from computers and towards tablets. He thinks that faction was winning, and the Tiled interface was the direction Microsoft was going. Leo thinks they wanted to actually kill the desktop interface altogether in favor of the tiled interface.

Are there things to like about Windows 8?

Episode 977

Tom from Brea, CA

Tom has Windows 8 and likes it, but would much rather have a start button. Leo says he can press the Windows Key and it'll go into the desktop, which is beneficial. He also customizes his metro interface for him, which is something that most people don't realize is possible. Tom also says he loves the search feature because all he needs to do is start typing and it'll bring stuff up. Leo agrees, that is very easy. He also really likes the Mail app in Windows 8.