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How Can I Move Windows to a New Hard Drive?

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Episode 1807

Tom from Medina County, OH

Tom's daughter has an old HP tower that's running out of space. So he wants to replace the hard drive. How does he move Windows 10 over? Leo says it's pretty easy. Hard drive makers have a bit for bit copy utility that will work, but Leo says it's not the best way to go. Leo recommends downloading the Windows Media Creation Tool. Microsoft hasn't turned off the Windows 10 upgrade servers, so you can probably still get it for free. Then move enough off the hard drive to install Windows 10. Then you'll be able to do it. Once you've done, copy the data to a third drive.

Should I Buy a New PC for a Flight Sim?


Episode 1801

Larry from San Diego, CA

Larry is a pilot and flight instructor, and he bought X-Plane flight simulator for his computer. But it takes a long time to load and run. Leo says that X-Plane was created to run on computers that couldn't handle Microsoft's seminal Flight Simulator. Leo says the load time is due to all the textures. He could speed things up by putting an SSD into the computer. But if ready to get a new rig, then a gaming computer is the way to go. Could he get a server and have multiple terminals? Leo says that today's modern computing really is designed around one computer per desktop thinking.

Why Can't I Boot to My New SSD?

Windows 10

Episode 1800

Bob from Riverside

Bob installed a new SSD to his Dell computer, but he can't boot to it.  Leo says that where Rob went wrong is he tried cloning the drive to the SSD. What Bob needs to do is installing Windows directly onto the SSD. That way he gets the critical boot information. The reason is that Windows can't be copied from one drive to another. It must be installed. Bob can't get into setup though. So what does he do then? Leo says that Dells use F11 (or F12) to bypass the setup and go directly into boot order. Then he can go directly to the installer. 

Why Does My Computer Slow Down When I Copy Files?

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Episode 1797

Timmy from Oak Hills, CA

Timmy has two upgraded Windows 10 laptops, and when he tries to move files around, the computers will slow down and ultimately crash. Leo says that Operating Systems have an index of all your files, and it could be that the indexes on both computers are corrupted. The indexes will need to be rebuilt. Click on the Windows key and type Indexing options. Select the rebuild option. It will take a while, so it's best to do it before you go to bed. Also, make sure the folders that Timmy is trying to move haven't been excluded. There's a button and listing for that.

Why Can't I Put an M.2 Drive in My Laptop?

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Episode 1796

John from San Clemente, CA

John recently added an M.2 drive and adapter to his daughter's computer, but the computer doesn't recognize it. Leo says it's probably not formatted. Go into the Windows installer, then Options, and select the disk partitioner. If he can't see it there, then there's a problem with it. The key is to get a SATA drive. He can get M.2 SATA drives, but he may as well use an SSD drive at that point. 

Is it worth replacing the hard drive in my old MacBook Pro?

SanDisk Solid State Drive

Episode 1754

Joy from Thousand Oaks, CA

Joy has a 2012 13" Macbook Pro. Is it worth it to replace the hard drive with an SSD and boost the RAM? Leo says it's worth it ... if you want to do it. It'll require a special tool, but you can get that at OWC. And OWC will have videos showing you how to do it. And the boost in performance will be huge with an SSD drive. It'll cost about $200 to do it. But if you like to tinker, it's a great little project that's easy to do.

Another place to research how is at iFixit.

Can I get a good deal from a home shopping channel?

Dell XPS 13

Episode 1749

Gary from Dana Point, CA

Gary saw a laptop from the Home Shopping Network, with a DVD drive. Leo says that the fact that it has a DVD drive proves it's a few years old. Also, Gary says it's an i3 processor, and that's pretty underpowered for most of what you do today. Leo doesn't recommend buying from a home shopping channel. You're not going to get a good deal there. Go to and look at a comparable device. And get an i5 processor with an SSD drive. At least 16GB of RAM. If you are looking for a deal, look for a refurbished laptop from HP. And the Black Friday prices are quite aggressive. 

How can I make my old computer faster?

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Episode 1738

Jessica from Torrance, CA

Jessica's desktop is about eight years old and she has nearly a TB in free space on her hard drive. But she's concerned about the age of her computer. Leo says older computers aren't as slow as newer computers like the old days. So an older computer really isn't that big a deal. The more worrisome thing is the age of your hard drive. They can crash as they get older. So replacing the hard drive will be faster and give new life to your computer. Especially with a solid-state drive or SSD. 

Did my hard drive fail?

HP Split x2

Episode 1732

Tracey from Ontario, Canada

Tracey's HP Split computer hard drive failed it's "smart check," and then when she turned it back on, it didn't boot up. Leo says that the smart check didn't really give Tracey any time to get her data off because drive manufacturers had dumbed down the SMART check to the point where it's nearly useless. The fact is, drives do fail, about 3% a year. And Tracey's is about six years old, so it was only a matter of time. This is why it's wise to backup your data regularly. Leo recommends iDrive (sponsor). 

How Should I Back Up My Images?


Episode 1721

Carl from Murrieta, CA

Carl is a photographer who is worried about getting his data should he have to "bug-out" during a disaster like the fires that have hit California. Leo says that it's a good idea to use a third party backup like iDrive to back up data, and use a NAS like Synology as well. Follow the 3-2-1 backup strategy (three backups, two different formats, one off-site) to protect the files. Especially as a professional. He can also have an external drive to save them on a 1 TB SSD or spinning drive would work.