What's the best "flashy" content management web host?

Episode 1092

Mark from South Carolina

Mark wants a "flashy" content management system. Leo says that content management systems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress would let him customize them heavily. Squarespace is a good option for a CMS that can be "flashy," and new looking. They are template driven, so it's great for commerce and he won't have to stay up with the latest technology. They will do that for him.

Will switching web hosts affect my Google search ranking? (Part 1)

Episode 1061

Sam from Costa Mesa, CA

Sam has a website, but he'd like to move to SquareSpace. Will it affect his Google ranking to change web hosts? Leo says that as long as Sam doesn't change the URL, it won't. The web ranking is tied to the domain name itself. In fact, a good web host will have tools that will help Sam improve his web ranking. Things like Site Maps, for instance. Leo says Sam can change domain registrars as well if he wants.

Should rebuild my website?

Episode 1024

Andrew from

Andrew's web site is reaching the point where he has to decide if it needs to be redone completely with social media integration. Should they just update it or strip bare and rewrite from the ground up? Leo says it largely depends on the host. The host is an “ASP” host which is a very old format that relies on “dot net.” Leo says it largely depends on how dependent on dot net he is. If he's not married to dot net, then there's plenty of other options.

How can I get Google to stop displaying results to my unlinked SquareSpace pages?

Episode 1007

Andy from Los Angeles, CA

Andy is a video editor who is creating a documentary about the first player to get a billion points on a video game. He wants to build his own website to advertise it. Should he go with SquareSpace? The problem he's having is that some of the links aren't working right and he hasn't published it just yet. Google is already indexing it, so people are seeing it before it's ready. Leo says that if there's nothing linking to it, then Google won't find it. So, Leo suggests going into the settings to see if there's a "don't index" option until he's ready.

What's the best e-commerce solution for my business?


Episode 1002

Jerry from Big Bear Lake, CA

Jerry is rebuilding his business website with video and tips and wants to know what the best e-commerce option is. Leo recommends SquareSpace. They've just recently added an e-commerce platform that Leo says is excellent.

Another is BigCommerce.com, which is solely focused on e-commerce and will be a bit more expensive.

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).