How Can I Sell Art Online?


Episode 1769

Augusto from Toronto, CAN

Augusto is an artist who wants to sell his art. Leo recommends looking into Etsy. You can create your own store and sell just about anything on it, and people who visit the site are looking for what you're making. Another option is SquareSpace or WordPress. Both have online store options. But Etsy has the driven traffic.

Should I Upgrade My SquareSpace eCommerce Account?


Episode 1634

Jeff from Eastern, MD

Jeff has an eCommerce site with Squarespace and they have an abandonment cart feature. Is it worth the money? is there another way to see that without paying the price for it? Leo says that it may be worth it if sales are brisk. According to studies, up to 70% of sales are abandoned before the sale is completed, so having those analytics could be beneficial. Leo recommends calling SquareSpace and ask for a free trial. 

What's a good alternative to my current hosting provider?

Mouse, keyboard, and monitor

Episode 1537

LaRayce from Santa Ynez, CA

LaRayce got her invoice for web hosting, and they've cut her three-year deal to a two-year deal. So she's looking for an alternative. Leo says it's easy to move, as web hosting is a commodity product now. Coding in HTML is pretty old-fashioned. Most websites don't run that way anymore. They use a content management system, which separates the site design from the content. That makes it a lot easier to update her content. WordPress and Squarespace are good examples.

What is the easiest way to build a website?

Episode 1407

Sue from California

Sue wants to start a website at geekyoldbroad.com. She already has the domain name, and now she can connect it to anything she wants. Wordpress.com is an easy-to-use site where she can set up a site for a low monthly cost. Another site that will do this is SquareSpace.com. She can just go in, pick a template that works for her needs, and start publishing content. Wordpress has a free tier with ads. These are the easiest ways to do it.

What's a good website builder?

Episode 1401

Jimmy from Los Angeles, CA

Jimmy wants to build a website for his organization. What's the best way to do it? Leo says that he uses WordPress.com. It's easy to use, and would enable him to have a blog. SquareSpace is another, which offers dynamic page templates that are very current and trendy. It's great all-in-one web software. Those are the best two and they offer free trials. WordPress also has a business tier.

There are also non profit services, so Jimmy should look around.

Should I pay someone to build my website?

Website URL

Episode 1360

Arthur from Los Angeles, CA

Leo recommends a template based web builder like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix or Wordpress. Squarespace is great because it's free to start out, and then Arthur could either choose a template and customize it, or ask a group of experts help him add functions like logins, databases, social media extensions, etc. It's very expensive to do a professional grade website.

What's an affordable and reliable web host?

Episode 1305

Mark from Honolulu, HI

Mark is looking for a new web host now that his hosting fees have tripled. Leo says that Mark got an introductory offer and then when that expired, he started to get charged the regular rate. Fortunately for Mark, he uses Wordpress on his site and he can just move it. The cost isn't really that bad so he could just pay the $12 a month hosting charge, or he could shop around. SquareSpace is a sponsor and Leo says that they provide excellent service and has the ability to scale as he gets more popular.