Why won't caller ID work on my phone?

Caller ID

Episode 1109

Roger from Rutherford, TN

Roger is getting bizarre caller ID issues with his wife's phone and sometimes he can't connect at all. Leo says it's likely an issue with the carrier. Caller ID comes from the carrier and Leo says it sounds like they're doing some odd things with it that the phone is having trouble understanding.

As for not being able to connect to the home phone, Leo says that also sounds like a strange provider issue. Roger's carrier is an "MVNO" or third party that buys service from Sprint and then resells it. Leo suggests calling the carrier and and the MVNO and get them to fix the issue.

Sprint Gives Up on Buying T-Mobile

Episode 1107

After a competing bid from France came in for T-Mobile, Sprint officially pulled out of the running this week. Leo says it's a good thing because more carriers means more competition and that means better pricing and services for consumers.

Sprint Said to End T-Mobile Discussions, Names New CEO (Bloomberg)…

Sprint and T-Mobile to Merge, If Approved by FCC

Episode 1090

The merger of Sprint and T-Mobile won't be an easy sell to the FCC. They stopped the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile in 2011. If they do approve this, Softbank, which now owns a majority of Sprint, will rebrand the new company as SoftBankUSA with John Ledger as CEO. But while Sprint and T-Mobile aren't doing all that great, he believes that if they can survive individually, they shouldn't merge. Leo likes competition and he doesn't think it'll happen.

Why did the price go up on the Samsung Galaxy SIV from Sprint?

Episode 1049

Priscilla from Newberry, SC

Priscilla has a Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G and she loved it, but it's broken and she needs a new phone. She hates Sprint, though. Leo says Sprint is horrible. But then again, they all are. Priscilla wants to get the Samsung Galaxy SIV, but the price on the phone went up by $50 recently, from $199 to $249. She wants to know who she would call about that, Sprint or Samsung. Leo says that since it's a subsidy issue, she would have to go to Sprint about that. They likely just changed their subsidy. Since Priscilla doesn't seem like a very happy Sprint user, Leo suggests looking into T-Mobile.

What smartphone should I buy?

Episode 1024

Wendy from

Wendy needs to buy a new smartphone. Suggestions? Leo says that the first thing to do is look at your carrier. It impacts what phone you get because you may not have a choice of the phone you want. And Third party carriers like TING ties into Sprint. Page Plus has Verizon. Metro PCS is T-Mobile. So it's important to pay attention to coverage maps. And you won't be able to subsidize if you're not going under contract and that means full price.

What's the best phone carrier for a trucker?

Episode 983

Herbert from Oregon

Herbert has a Sprint Unlimited Data Plan, but he's got bad Sprint coverage and he roams a lot. He gets roaming charges and even gets cut off until the next month. Leo says it comes down to getting a carrier that has good coverage where he is. As a trucker, it makes sense to pay close attention to coverage maps. All carriers have their quirks. Leo recommends T-Mobile because he has an unlimited plan for $70, and because it isn't widely used, he seldom runs into slow downs.