How can I connect a car stereo to my home speakers?

Car stereo

Episode 1114

Steve from Canoga Park, CA

Steve has a car stereo and he wants to connect it to home speakers. Leo says that he's got the resistance mismatched which could cause some damage. Steve will need a step converter to be able to handle it. But many believe that there's not enough mismatch to worry about it. An impedance matching transformer would fix it, as would two speakers in parallel.

What are good speaker cables for analog stereos?

Episode 1101

Sebastian from Riverside, CA

Sebastian wants to know what speaker cables would be best for analog audio. Leo says that he'll want to get well-shielded, well-made cables. It's vital to get good speaker cables when dealing with analog. For digital, though, it's best to get the cheapest cables you can get because bits are bits and the quality of the cable won't make a difference.

Why are my TV speakers cutting out when I plug in my headphones?

Episode 1098

Mark from Rhode Island

Mark's mom won a new TV at work and he's been tasked with hooking it up. They also want to have the sound transmitted to a wireless headset for his father. But when he plugs it in, it turns off the speakers on the TV. Suggestions? Scott says that's a common problem and there may be a setting for audio submenus that will give the option to leave the internal speakers on. Scott says that since Mark uses a splitter, it's likely causing the TV to turn off the internal speakers.

What speakers should I get to mix my audio?

Cambridge Audio DAC Magic

Episode 1098

JR from Detroit, MI

JR is building a gaming system and he wants to add some great audio. What about the JBL speakers? The one's he's looking at are made in china and he's concerned about the build quality. Scott says that just because they're made in China doesn't mean they're no good. There's good and bad speakers from anywhere. Scott would recommend going with larger 8" woofers to go deeper in the bass. He also needs a digital audio converter.

What speakers would be best for my garage?

Pioneer Bookshelf Speakers

Episode 1081

Jose from Buena Park, CA

Jose has built a man cave in his garage and would like to get better speakers for gaming. Leo says that he'll really want nice surround sound speakers. He doesn't need Dolby 7.1, as 5.1 will work just fine. Leo suggests avoiding Bose. It's not the best sound and not the best bang for the buck.

Scott WIlkinson recommends the Pioneer 22BS or the 52BS. It's designed by Andrew Jones and they're excellent. Onkyo and Denon make great A/V receivers as well.