Is there a speaker comparable to Bose, but less expensive?

Audio Engine B2 Bluetooth Speaker

Episode 1242

Abby from Burbank, CA

Abby really likes the way Bose sounds, but she is wondering if she'd be able to find a less expensive speaker that has a similar sound. Leo says that Pioneer makes a great one by Andrew Jones. Leo's favorite is Audio Engine B2 Bluetooth Speaker. This is a powered speaker that looks like regular stereo speakers. She could pair the speaker to her phone, and play radio through it from the phone.

Why can't I play streaming audio from my phone on the Samsung Radiant360 Bluetooth speaker?

Samsung Radiant360 R7 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker

Episode 1242

Trisha from La Costa, CA

Trisha recently bought a Samsung Radiant 360 Speaker, but it apparently has to be controlled by a Samsung app on her smartphone. The problem is that she can't play the streaming audio from a separate app she likes. Leo says that is weird. Most speakers pair directly to the phone via Bluetooth, and anything that she could play on her phone could go through the speaker. The app seems to be designed to control multiple speakers in different rooms.

What's a good affordable bluetooth speaker?

Logitech UE Mini Boom

Episode 1235

Marsha from Mission Viejo, CA

Marsha is looking for a great bluetooth speaker. Scott has been looking at the BenQ Electrostatic Speaker of late and it's pretty cool. The low frequencies are handled by the main body, but the swing out speakers handle the electrostatic design. They're about $300.

The RIVA Turbo sounds really great. The FuGoo is great, but it's still around $300.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1195

Scott says that Andrew Jones has some new, budget speakers that perform way above their price range. WAY above, as Scott puts it. But he also hears that Jones has left Pioneer and got to ELAC, a German turntable and speaker company. ELAC wants to get back into the US market so Jones has designed some even better speakers than he ever has at Pioneer. The new speakers are called the Elac Debut line and Scott says that the B5's and B6s are really nice. There's also floor speakers (F5) and Center (C5s).

How much are my old Wharfedale speakers worth?

Episode 1157

Michael from Honolulu, HI

Michael has a pair of Wharfedale speakers that he got back in the 1960's, they're in good condition and he's wondering if they're worth much. Leo says they are, because they're classics, but he urges Michael to keep them! Leo says they're definitely worth connecting to a modern day stereo. Physics doesn't change, and the bigger the cone a speaker has, the more air it can move. As long as the cones haven't dried out or cracked, they will be as good as anything he can buy today.

Why do I get buzzing in my home theater speakers?


Episode 1133

Matt from Savannah, GA

Matt has a set of speakers plugged into his TV and he gets some loud buzzing noises. If he unplugs them, the buzzing goes away. Leo says that's called a "ground loop," and it could be a loose wire that's causing it. An optical connection would solve it, but he'd need a receiver and speakers that support it. Leo says that it's likely an issue in his wall and only an electrician can fix that. But it sounds like the electrical wire isn't grounded.

How should I position my speakers?

Bookshelf speaker

Episode 1133

Linella from Los Angeles, CA

Linella has several bookshelf speakers that have round holes in the front or back. What are they for? How close can she have them to the wall or furniture, or even each other? Leo says that a lot of speakers have a bass port vent. Scott says they are intended to change the bass characteristics to make them smoother. If the hole is in the back, she won't want them against the wall. She'll want them at least 6 inches away to give the sound room to resonate. If it's in the front, then she can put it up against the wall no problem. So it really just depends.