How can I block spam at work?

Episode 1065

Theresa from Scotts Valley, CA

Theresa's boss gets a lot of spam and wants a spam blocker. Leo advises against them, especially for a business because they cause people to jump through hoops. Spam blockers send emails back to the sender, asking them to validate that they are not spam. This will let spammers know that this is a good address, so once she starts using it, she would never be able to stop. Leo recommends using gmail, because it is a brilliant anti-spam solution. She could have her email forwarded to the gmail account.

How can I stop getting spam from people?

Episode 1061

Tom from Simi Valley, CA

Tom has been getting spam email from people who have had their email address hacked. Leo says that there are programs that can be used to spoof random email addresses since email programs have a "reply to" section that can be used with any email address. So it's likely the email address wasn't hacked, but that someone is just spoofing them. Leo says to use GMail because they have better security. Google's spam filter is far better because it's collaborative. So Tom should report it and then it'll get blocked.

How can I get business email to my clients without being considered spam?

Episode 1034

Alan from LaPorte, CO

Alan needs to use a service like Constant Contact or Mailchimp for his business emails, but he's concerned that people may not read them or that they won't even get through because of spam and malware. Leo says that's the entire idea behind using those services since they know how to format the email with opt-out options, proper settings, etc.that prevent them from being relegated to Spam filters.

How can I filter my email?

Episode 1012

Rex from Temecula, CA

Rex is frustrated with email these days. Leo says that email is broken. There's spam, mailing lists, reminders, and more. It makes it very hard to wade through the clutter.

GMail is really the best option in dealing with this challenge. Gmail has a priority inbox, and can sort messages via social tabs, reminders and notifications, and promotions. It also will guess what his primary folders are, and can sort out person to person conversations. He can also drag an email to a preferred folder and gmail will remember where it should go.

Filter Out Spam Email From Social Networks

If you're being inundated by emails from social networks and other websites you've signed up to, there's an easy way to filter that out. Google's gmail has the best spam filters around. It will automatically filter out the worst spam offenders, but it won't get rid of those pesky notifications, updates, and requests from social networks. To filter those out, simply add a + sign to the end of the email address you signed up with, followed by an identifier.

How can I get LinkedIn to stop spamming me?

Episode 1002

Rebecca from South Pasadena, CA

Rebecca says she has friends who have joined LinkedIn and she's annoyed at all the invitations she gets. She also is annoyed that her email address was given to a third party without her consent. Leo says she could filter out the requests through GMail, but what she would really have to do is tell her friends to stop giving out her email address.

They likely won't stop doing that, so here's something she can try:

How can I make my email truly private?

Episode 991

Pat from Malibu, CA

Pat has a Hotmail account and she's concerned that Microsoft is moving her to What concerns her is that everywhere she goes online, they know her email address and they put ads in her email. Leo says that's the curse of a free email account. So Pat will have to pay for email to avoid that. What about anti spam utilities? Leo says that also will scan her email for key words to block certain messages. Pat shouldn't fear that someone is reading her mail. The NSA is reading all of our mail anyway. It's all done electronically.

How could I white list email addresses to avoid getting spam?

Episode 976

Randy from Ventura, CA

Randy would like a program for Outlook that would enable him to "white list" email addresses so he can avoid spam. Leo says that White Listing is where you approve email addresses and the rest get bounced out or quarantined. Leo says that's an effective way to avoid getting spam, but if someone wants to contact you that you haven't heard from but need to, you're out of luck. And spam filters are so effective now, that white listing is really not necessary now. Leo says using GMail, you get collective spam filtering which as really caused SPAM to drop to nearly nothing.

Why is my email not getting to the recipient?

Episode 974

Don from Palmdale, CA

Don's email isn't getting to the recipient. Leo says they could be gleaned out by spam filters. Internet service providers may use a "black hole" service to block mail from spam senders and Don could've been put on a black list. So Don needs to research this to find out if he's been placed on a blacklist. Some go so far as to block all webmail from places like Yahoo.