Leo Starts Getting Spam After Switching Away from Gmail

Episode 1090

Leo decided to use a new email service with their own spam filters, so he moved his email off Gmail he's been deluged with spam and phishing scams. Job offers, gift cards, vouchers. All phishing scams. Leo says it's no wonder we constantly get calls about this.

Leo recommends checking out the Antiphishing Workgroup at This site seeks to inform users about common phishing scams, and teaches users how to identify them. They also have a quiz you can take to see how good you are at identifying scams.

How can I get rid of Spam Sieve?

Episode 1086

Deborah from Fullerton, CA

Sherry signed up for Spam Sieve and since she didn't pay for it in time, she ending up with problems on her computer. Leo says that she has to disable it in her email first because it creates a rule. She'll have to disable that rule, then take Spam Sieve out of programs.

There's instructions in the Spam Sieve manual. Leo says that he used to use Spam Sieve and it's a legit program, but he prefers to use Google mail now. They are really good at collaborative filtering. And it's free.

How can I get rid of spam from Yahoo Mail?

Episode 1085

Larry from Loma Linda, CA

Larry has Yahoo mail and he gets a ton of spam. He can't really delete all of it at once, because sometimes email from friends gets in there. Leo says that if it's any consolation, everyone gets spam. Yahoo is just doing a poor job of filtering it. Leo says that we've lost the battle against spam, and some webmail providers filter it better than others. Google uses a technique called collaborative filtering, where users let them know if an email has slipped pass their filters and it adds to the list.

What can I do about a hacked AOL account?

Episode 1076

Mike from Denver, CO

Mike thinks that his AOL account got hacked. Leo says the first thing to do is change his password. But even with that, chances are the account may not have been hacked, but spoofed. Spammers can pick up his email address and can use that in the return box. They swap them out from time to time, and chances are Mike's account email is on a list that spammers buy. The only thing he can do is wait for the spammer to move on to another email address.

How can I block spam at work?

Episode 1065

Theresa from Scotts Valley, CA

Theresa's boss gets a lot of spam and wants a spam blocker. Leo advises against them, especially for a business because they cause people to jump through hoops. Spam blockers send emails back to the sender, asking them to validate that they are not spam. This will let spammers know that this is a good address, so once she starts using it, she would never be able to stop. Leo recommends using gmail, because it is a brilliant anti-spam solution. She could have her email forwarded to the gmail account.

How can I stop getting spam from people?

Episode 1061

Tom from Simi Valley, CA

Tom has been getting spam email from people who have had their email address hacked. Leo says that there are programs that can be used to spoof random email addresses since email programs have a "reply to" section that can be used with any email address. So it's likely the email address wasn't hacked, but that someone is just spoofing them. Leo says to use GMail because they have better security. Google's spam filter is far better because it's collaborative. So Tom should report it and then it'll get blocked.

How can I get business email to my clients without being considered spam?

Episode 1034

Alan from LaPorte, CO

Alan needs to use a service like Constant Contact or Mailchimp for his business emails, but he's concerned that people may not read them or that they won't even get through because of spam and malware. Leo says that's the entire idea behind using those services since they know how to format the email with opt-out options, proper settings, etc.that prevent them from being relegated to Spam filters.

How can I filter my email?

Episode 1012

Rex from Temecula, CA

Rex is frustrated with email these days. Leo says that email is broken. There's spam, mailing lists, reminders, and more. It makes it very hard to wade through the clutter.

GMail is really the best option in dealing with this challenge. Gmail has a priority inbox, and can sort messages via social tabs, reminders and notifications, and promotions. It also will guess what his primary folders are, and can sort out person to person conversations. He can also drag an email to a preferred folder and gmail will remember where it should go.

Filter Out Spam Email From Social Networks

If you're being inundated by emails from social networks and other websites you've signed up to, there's an easy way to filter that out. Google's gmail has the best spam filters around. It will automatically filter out the worst spam offenders, but it won't get rid of those pesky notifications, updates, and requests from social networks. To filter those out, simply add a + sign to the end of the email address you signed up with, followed by an identifier.