Space Exploration

Rod Pyle ... On location in outer space

Episode 1750

Rod Pyle joins Leo to talk about the latest Space news. Rod has joined the TWiT family as our official space correspondent. Rod got hooked on space during the Gemini program. Leo says it was hard not to, growing up with the Apollo program. But after, it seemed that NASA practically "went out of business." But we're now in a new space age thanks to SpaceX and getting a new launch just about every week. Rod also says that the new approach that includes reusing launch boosters, makes it cost as much as half or even a tenth of what it used to cost to launch a payload.

SpaceX to Launch First Manned Mission to the ISS Today


Episode 1699

After a rain delay on Wednesday, SpaceX is poised to launch its first manned mission to the International Space Station with DM-2. Leo says that while critics say that money shouldn't be "wasted" on space exploration, Leo disagrees, saying that a tiny fraction of the federal budget goes to NASA and the Commercial Space Program, and the benefits of what we learn far outweigh what we spend, or the risk. And it always has.