Sound Bar

Can I get my TV audio wirelessly through Sonos and headphones simultaneously?

Sonos Play:1

Episode 1358

Chuck from Lake Havasu, AZ

Chuck wants to know if he can listen to Leo's show on the Amazon Echo. Leo says yes, but he'll have ask it to listen via TuneIn. Chuck also wants to know if his Mitsubishi rear projection TV can hook up to his Sonos and also play through wireless headphones? Leo says that because of the age, it probably can't play both streams at the same time. If it could, it would have competing volumes.

How can I keep my sound bar from blocking the IR receiver on my TV? (Part 2)

Episode 906

Mike from Maine

Mike called in yesterday about IR issues and took Scott's advice to get a different soundbar model that has IR pass through. But the Yamaha model doesn't work with his HDTV, and Yamaha says that sometimes it doesn't (shame they don't advertise it). So he went to, as Leo suggested, to get an IR repeater. Leo says that MonoPrice is a great resource with low prices and great quality.