What Sound Bar should I get?

Episode 990

Greg from Placentia, CA

Greg wants to get a sound bar for his HDTV and wants to know which would be best to get. Powered or non powered? Leo says ultimately it doesn't really make a difference. Having said that, what Greg has to consider the "spousal acceptance factor." A powered sound bar gets it's power from the TV, while an unpowered sound bar will require a receiver to power it. So he should buy a powered sound bar.

What's the best way to get sound throughout the house?

Episode 982

Mike from Denver, CO

Mike wants to wire up his home for sound. His house is already wired for Cat6 cable, but is wireless better? Leo says that Wireless is pricey, but it works. The Sonos, for instance, works great, but it's $400 a room. Each speaker has it's own wireless network built in. He can do it on his own, but the money he'd save is taken up in time building it himself. That's why Leo says if he can afford it, the Sonos Play5 is a great way to go.

What do you think of the Sonos PlayBar?

Episode 963

Ralph from Torrance, CA

Ralph wants to know Leo's thoughts about the SONOS PlayBar Sound Bar he bought a few months ago. Leo says he hasn't really set it up yet, but the cool thing about sound bars is that they simulate surround sound for those who don't' have the room, budget or interest in having a conventional home theater surround sound system. It's not really perfect, and it tries to fool the listener into thinking it's surround, but it's better than nothing.

Should I wait for a 4K TV?

Sharp TV

Episode 959

Roger from Alameda, CA

First, Roger wants to know if Leo's Sonos Playbar has a subwoofer and is self contained. Leo says it is, but it has no subwoofer. But he really doens't need one. Could it drive a wireless subwoofer? Leo says Sonos sells a separate subwoofer and its likely that it does is wireless, but it's so new, it may be an untested commodity.