Bob Heil

Bob Heil

Episode 1485

Bob Heil is a legend in the broadcast and music recording industry. He's also an amateur radio enthusiast. He is the creator of the Heil PR40 mic, which Leo uses on the radio show. Bob is currently doing an interesting project called the Pineboard Project, which teaches people how to solder electronics. The idea is to build electronics on a pineboard to design your gear. To date, he's had over 100 people involved.

Why doesn't my computer work until it's warm?

Episode 1288

Jerry from Alexandria, VA

A friend gave Jerry an old laptop that doesn't work very well until it warms up and he wonders if the power supply may be dead. Leo says it's possible. It's also possible that some of the solders on the motherboard really don't work well until the computer heats up and it seats the solder connections better. That was very common in the early years.

How do I reattach a heat sync on a computer processor?

Episode 955

Barbara from New Jersey

Barbara was upgrading the RAM on her computer and she discovered her heat sync has loosened on the processor. She knows she needs to reattach it with that heat sync glue that has to be in between it. Leo says to be sure she only uses a drop of that stuff. As for the clip, if it's lose or comes apart, it may need to be soldered back into place. She should be careful to not get solder anywhere else but where she wants it soldered. Solder isn't really strong enough to hold down a clip, though. Since her PC is 8 years old, it may be time to just upgrade.