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Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1415

Chris says that everyone is going to be out, trying to take pictures of the solar eclipse. You know all the warnings, already. So Chris wants to talk about something completely different for shooting the eclipse. Chris suggests ignoring the eclipse altogether and take pictures of those watching the eclipse instead! Eclipse photos will be a dime a dozen. But shooting pictures of those watching it will be much more compelling. It's the perfect opportunity to do street photography and capturing reactions of people seeing something they've never seen before.

How do I know if I have the right glasses for the eclipse?


Episode 1415

Clarence from Virginia

Clarence says that if you grab the wrong pair of welding glasses, it'll be just like having a huge flash going off in your eyes. So he advises taking a quick glance at the sun with the glasses on, then look away. If it looks like a camera flash, then you have the wrong glasses. Leo agrees. The damage the sun does to your eyesight will never heal. It's permanent and it's not worth risking for two minutes.

Can I stack welders lenses to view the eclipse safely?

Welders Glass

Episode 1415

Ben from California

Ben wants to enjoy the total eclipse but all the glasses are sold out. So he's looking at welding glasses, but can't find 14 grade lenses. Can he stack two 8 grade lenses together? Leo says he doesn't think that they are additive and it won't work that way. It's certainly not worth taking the risk. The best place to find out what to wear is the NASA Eclipse Website.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1403

Gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) is a common malady with photographers who think that upgrading their gear or getting more gear will make them better photographers. It's not really the case, usually. But Chris says that getting better gear can help by expanding the toolset you can use to take pictures. As long as you actually use them. But often, a trip will trigger GAS in them.

Today's topic is shooting a solar eclipse. There's an eclipse coming in a few weeks (Aug. 21) and Chris has a few tips on how to shoot them: