Should I port my application over to other platforms?

Episode 922

Alexander from Russia

Alex has written an app that helps with eye strain while using a computer, and is wondering if he should port it to other platforms. Leo says it depends on what the app was written in. Alex wrote it in C++. so Leo advises transitioning it to RT. For Apple, he could write in any language he wants, but he'd need to do it on a Mac. Objective C is good, native choice.

Is there an alternative to Text Expander available for Windows? (Part 2)

Episode 916

Mark from Tustin, CA

There is a site called, which would allow him to enter in a program name and then will tell him alternatives to it. This doesn't work for getting an alternative to a program on another operating system, though.

Web166 in the chatroom says that AutoHotKey is a great equivalent to Text Expander on Windows.