social networking

How can I prepare myself for the digital job market?

Episode 1020

Alan from Troy, NY

Alan is a senior in college majoring in mechanical engineering and social/political science and he'll be entering the job market soon. What skills will he need? Leo says that Alan already has a leg up with his social media emphasis on mechanical engineering. Leo says that knowing how to write mobile apps would definitely give him an advantage over the competition. Mobile apps are the future.

Are Relationships on Social Networking Sites Real?

Episode 1019

The internet gives the appearance of having relationships with people, but are those relationships real? How much of Facebook actually takes the place of having real friends? Leo compares these relationships on social networking to a sugar substitute. The bacteria that cause cavities in your teeth are fooled into eating this substitute, but there's no nutrition in it and the bacteria die. Leo thinks Facebook fools people into thinking they have real relationships just like the sugar substitute with bacteria.