How can I create a shared photo album for a small group of people to access?

Google Photos

Episode 1558

Roger from Chula Vista, CA

Roger needs to be able to post and share photos with an exclusive group of people. What's a good option for that online? Leo says a shared album is ideal. Google Photos is a great option for that. Facebook works if everyone is a Facebook member, but not everyone is or wants to be. Most people have Gmail, which means they have a Google Photos account by default. For pay, SmugMug is a good option.

Where can I post downloadable photos and videos?

Episode 1325

Les from Virigina

Leo says Google Photos is a great place for this. He could share an album with anyone in a couple of different ways. There's 'read-only', where people can see the photo or click the sideways ellipses and download the image or movie. He could also set up an album that people can contribute to. Then at the event, he could tell people to submit photos to that album.

How can I organize my photos and put them up on the web?

Episode 1016

Rob from Russellville, TN

Rob has a collection of nearly 50,000 photos from his late wife that he'd like to organize and put up on the web for family and friends to enjoy. Leo says that Lightroom is a good way to do that, but he'll have to get them digitized first. Leo took them to a service to scan them. Then he put them up on SmugMug password protected so that family could get them. He can also get them up on Picasa. Flickr will work as well.

Is there a way I can post 900MB of photos for friends and family to share and download?


Episode 891

Juan from Van Nuys, CA

Yes, there are a lot of picture sharing sites for this. Since 900MB is a lot, he'd have to pay for it if he used Flickr or SmugMug. PicasaWeb is free though even for that much storage. They have a free client that he can use to edit and post the photos. Then people can download the full quality version.