Why Can't I Access My NAS in Windows?

Synology Nas

Episode 1824

Henry from Los Angeles, CA

Henry has a Synology NAS at home and at the office. But he's having issues with Windows users in his company being able to access it remotely. How can he do that? Leo says that remote access via SMB may have a security issue that causes Synology not to support it. There is an open-source version called CIF that should work, however. It can also support NFS. Leo can log into his using Windows, Mac and Linux with no problem. Make sure you have all the ports open that you need. CIF uses 139 or 445. NFS 5005,5006. Synology also supports SSH.

Why did my Synology folder disappear from Windows?

Synology DiskStation DS718+

Episode 1664

Tony from West Palm Beach, FL

Tony has a Synology NAS, but the public folder disappeared from his Windows PC. And Windows won't let him browse to it. Leo says SMB has to be enabled for the folder to be discovered. It's the networking protocol that Windows uses. It will also give you a password challenge. But once you input the password, Windows should remember it. 

Why can't I get my Sony Bravia TV to connect to my freeNAS server?

Episode 900

Augusto from Lima, Peru

Augusto can't get his Sony Bravia TV to access his media on his freeNAS server, and has to use a PS3 to do it instead. The Bravia has a built-in browser returns an "unknown error" when he tries browsing to his server. It does work when connecting to the Sony pages and other internet sites, though. So the browser is working properly. He does have a web server running on his freeNAS, too, and can access it from other computers.