Should I buy an Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Series 3

Episode 1443

Anthony from Ontario, CA

Anthony is thinking of buying a Series 3 Apple Watch. Is it waterproof? Leo says yes, and he could even wear it swimming. It comes in two different versions: One with cellular and another without. With the LTE version, he could his phone at home if he goes running. Leo also says that the Apple Watch, and other watches like it, promise more than they deliver.

It is great for notifications, and as they mature, they become more useful, especially if he's a fitness fan.

Are there any good smartwatches available?

Episode 958

Ruth from Anaheim, CA

Leo says all models he's seen haven't been any good. They don't work like a phone. It doesn't work like he wants it to. It just tells him that his phone is ringing and shows him text messages. It's an expensive waste of money at this point. Leo also says that there isn't really a market for this (or Google's Glass) yet, but companies have decided there will be demand sometime. Even Apple is rumored to be getting into the smartwatch game. Leo says to wait awhile and see where things go.