Why does Netflix play audio so low?

Episode 1235

Robbie from California

Robbie has been having issue with the Netflix app in his Phillips TV. The audio is really low. Scott says that's not uncommon for TVs -- they're not very smart. He recommends connecting the Roku separately and running Netflix through that. If it does the same thing, then he may need to go into the audio settings and see if there's a limiter or something that's enabled.

How can I access my security camera on my TV?

Google Chromecast

Episode 999

Steve from Chino Hills, CA

Steve is installing an MBR security camera that he can access online. He'd like to be able to see it on his TV.

Leo says that the Google Chromecast would be an ideal option for this as it turns the TV into a smart TV capable of accessing the internet. If his TV is already a smartTV, then he may not need anything. Just launch the browser and surf to the camera.

Should I buy an LCD or Plasma TV?

Episode 996

Pam from Studio City, CA

Pam finally gave in and decided to get a 55" TV, but she doesn't need a "smart" TV, she already has Roku boxes, and more. Leo says that nearly all TVs are "smart" now, much like they all support 3D. She may not need it, but it's just part of the feature set. It's more expensive for us to buy, and the smart features are usually not so great, but that's the current state of the art, even if it does cost us more.