Smart watches

Is the Garmin Fenix a Good Smart Watch for Runners?

Garmin Fenix 5

Episode 1784

Melia from Lancaster, CA

Melia wants to know if the Garmin Fenix 5 is a good smartwatch for runners. Leo says that he uses the Apple Watch, but Garmin is one of the best in the category. If you're a road runner, Garmin is much better though, according to the chatroom. Much more accurate. Leo also says the displays are very good. And if it's a good price, why not?

Why Can't My Apple Watch Read My Tattooed Skin?

Apple Watch Series 6

Episode 1779

Cliff from Orange, CA

Cliff bought a new Series 6 Apple Watch, and his tattoos are preventing the watch from working properly when taking his health readings. Leo says that's a common problem. A clear sticker is supposed to help, but there's apparently a case where the tattoo can prevent the watch from getting a proper reading from the sensor. Here's an article from iMore about why. 

Facebook to Launch Smart Watch, Waging War With Apple


Episode 1771

.Facebook has announced that it is developing a smartwatch for launch in 2022, and they are also in a cold war with Apple over advertising. The watch will enable users to post messages to the social media website and will target users with ads that Apple prevents over privacy concerns. According to recent news stories, an upcoming iOS and iPadOS feature will require apps and data companies such as Facebook to ask for users' permission before tracking them across other sites and websites. In response, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly told staff that Facebook needs to 'inflict pain' on Apple.

What's the Best Smartwatch for Checking Blood Pressure?


Episode 1762

Freddie from Yonkers, NY

Freddie wants to know what's the best smartwatch for checking blood pressure. Leo says that the FCC and FDA haven't approved one yet, though both Amazon and Apple are developing it. When Samsung gets approval, then the Samsung Wear watch will be the one to get. There are several knock-off versions, but Leo says that they aren't that accurate and aren't FDA-approved. 

Currently, they only can only measure pulse and oxygen levels, plus heart rate. Leo recommends getting the Omron wrist-mounted blood pressure monitor. 


The Giz Wiz and the Wyze Watch


Episode 1739

THis week, Dickie D found a smart watch that can also control your home. The Wyze Band lets you control your smart home from your wrist. Turn on or tune Wyze Bulb. Pause Wyze Cam notifications. Control your Wyze Plug. It will also work with future Wyze devices, and with Alexa built-in, Wyze Band can control many non-Wyze smart home products. That’s some next-level stuff right there. Even through the screen is on the small size, it's a high-resolution, AMOLED touch screen. You can use the Wyze Band to find your phone or receive call/app notifications.

Why won't my pulse oxymeter work on the new Apple Watch Series 6?

Apple Watch Series 6

Episode 1732

Paul from Lansing, MI

Paul has a 2015 MacBook. Leo says that was the year of the last good keyboard in the Macbook line.

Paul is also calling why the blood oximeter doesn't work with his new Apple Watch 6? Leo says that Paul's Watch 6 is using a Beta version and that could cause it. He also says that you need to have your watch above the bump in your wrist for it to read it properly.