smart phones

Will Verizon unlock my cell phone?


Episode 1147

Jerry from Alta Dena, CA

Jerry has a cell phone and he's traveling out of the country. He's out of his contract. Can he get it unlocked? Leo says yes, he can just go to Verizon and ask them politely. They are supposed to do it, and AT&T does this for its customers too. Verizon is under a consent decree not to lock their phones, so they should unlock it. Then he can put a local SIM card in when he gets to his destination.

Can I use the Roku 3 headphone option as a hearing aid?

Episode 1091

Ed from Valencia, CA

Ed got his 88 year old aunt the Roku 3 so she can listen to the TV with headphones. Leo says that's a great feature, especially for those hard of hearing. Ed wants to know if there's a way to harness that capability by adding a mic and turning it into a hearing aid of sorts. Leo says that there's a ton of options out there which are far more comfortable and mobile. Like a smartphone with headphones, even with Skype. Home Theater Geeks episode 209 is a great episode on the importance of hearing.

Why don't more people use prepaid cell phone plans?

Episode 1029

Lee from Spring Hill, FL

Lee wonders why more people don't go with prepaid options for cell phones. He gets unlimited talk, text, and some data for under $40 a month. Leo says it's people who use more data, want better data speeds, and want a specific phone that go with the contract plans. But it's a good idea not to write off the prepaid options, because it might be a good way to go.

What app should I use to backup my unrooted Android phone? (Part 2)

Episode 1030

Will from Springfield, IL

Will also wants to know what backup app would be good for an Android phone that isn't rooted. Leo suggests Helium App Sync and Backup from Clockwork Mod. He can get it free from the Google Play store.

Scott had the same issue and it turned out to be the battery that was causing the issue. Swapping out batteries may solve it.

How can I stop my Android phone from crashing? (Part 1)

Episode 1030

Will from Springfield, IL

Will has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it just keeps rebooting and crashing on him. Leo says that it sounds like it's overheating and it's likely that since he's had it for a year, the warranty lapsed. Leo recommends reinstalling the OS by using the "erase and reinstall" option in his security settings. If that doesn't work, then Leo advises taking it back to the Carrier's store and explain the issue to them, they may replace it.

What smartphone should I get, Windows Phone or Android?

Nokia Lumia 521

Episode 1025

Mike from Woodland Hills, CA

Mike is looking to get a new smartphone and he's thinking about Android. Leo says that Mike did the right thing by starting with the carrier he wanted to deal with first. Now he's looking at the Nokia 521 Windows Phone and a Samsung Android phone. Leo says that since Mike has never had a smartphone before, the Nokia Lumia 521 Windows phone is a good entry level offering. Great for someone who has never used one or has a computer. It's far better than an entry-level Android phone.