What should I get for my first smartphone?

Episode 1067

RJ from California

RJ is looking to upgrade to his first smartphone. He has an old Apple Computer running Snow Leopard. Leo says that since RJ is in the Apple universe, the iPhone is probably the best option. It's certainly the most popular for Mac users. But for someone who has never used a smartphone, a Windows 8 phone is also a great option. It doesn't have as many apps, but as someone just starting out, he won't miss them. Nokia makes the best ones. Android may be a bit too much for a beginner, but that's the third option.

Is the voice recognition good on the Samsung Galaxy Note II? (Part 1)

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Episode 975

Scott (GScott) from Lake Tahoe, NV

Scott is lookin' at buying the Samsung Galaxy Note II for his first smartphone. He wonders if voice recognition is good. Leo says that it is, and even better than Apple's. On top of that, Samsung's voice recognition, which is based on VLingo, is also available. So Scott will have a choice of which one will work best.