Why Isn't My Screensaver Working?


Episode 1764

Duke from Hermosa Beach, CA

Duke can't get his Windows screensaver to activate. He can preview it, but it doesn't engage on its own. Leo says that there has to be a setting in the power options that are preventing it. It may be "wake on LAN" in the BIOS that's preventing it from going to sleep. So get into the BIOS and make sure the wake on LAN is turned off. Leo also suggests checking to see if a third party screensaver is causing a conflict. R/C desktop - personalization. Windows Key + L will also turn on screen lock. That could turn on the screensaver. 

How can I get my PC to wake up?

Windows 10

Episode 1465

Don from Montana

Don has an HP machine running Windows 10 and it's having problems when it goes to sleep. Leo says that he should make sure "Hibernate" is disabled. That causes a lot of problems. It can also not wake up from regular sleep, and it's been a long-running problem in Windows that doesn't really have a fix. He could just set up the display to turn off but disable sleep. Most of the power being used is by the display anyway.

Why can't I use my laptop after it goes idle for a few minutes?

Episode 1279

Scott from Arlington, TX

Scott is having trouble accessing apps on his Lenovo running Windows 10. It usually happens after it sits idle for a few minutes. Then when he activates it, it just sits there like it's doing something else. Leo says that there's a good app by Microsoft called SysInternals Process Explorer, which will give him a breakdown of what processes are running in the background during that time. It's like Task Manager on steroids. It's very light weight and he can actually have it running in the background, so when it does happen, he'll be able to see what process is going wild.

What's the difference between sleep mode and hibernate mode?

Sleep mode

Episode 1108

Bruce from Manhattan Beach, CA

Bruce has a computer that he puts into hibernation, but when he unplugs it, it shuts down. Leo says the there's a difference between hibernation and sleep mode. Sleep keeps the computer on, but loads everything into RAM and shuts down the hard drive and other things it doesn't need. It's in an extreme low power mode, but keeps refreshing the RAM so it'll come back on when woken up. Hiberation, on the other hand, completely shuts down the computer and then writes the RAM contents to the hard drive to access when it's turned back on.

Why won't my computer wake up?

Episode 1010

Bob from Riverside, CA

Bob's computer won't wake up from sleep mode. Leo suggests checking the cable, and the video card. Since he used different monitors, and put in a new video card, it has to be a problem with Windows. He says he just installed Windows 7, and that's when it started. When installing Windows, the Microsoft Installer looks at the hardware and decides what power saving features to put in. In particular, the APCI power saving mode may not have been enabled when he upgraded. Leo suggests doing a clean install of Windows. He should back up his data, format the drive, and install Windows again.