How can I back up my webmail?

Episode 992

Nancy from Bell, CA

Nancy keeps everything she's written on her Yahoo documents. How can she back them up? Leo says that they are already backed up by Yahoo.

The only thing she could really run into is if Nancy lost access to her Yahoo account. Leo advises getting a Microsoft Live account at and then set it up to copy over to Skydrive. Another option is GMail. She could sign up for a Gmail account, and then have gmail fetch all of her email from Yahoo. Then she'll have all of her emails backed up.

Is the Windows Surface RT tablet good for accessibility? (Part 2)

Episode 974

Thomas from Boston, MA

Thomas also wants to know if the Windows Surface tablet has accessibility. Leo says not as well as the iPad. The iPad is fully equipped with accessibility features. Thomas was considering the Surface RT tablet because he depends heavily on SkyDrive. Leo says there is a SkyDrive app for the iPad that he could use though.

He also uses OneNote, which also is available on the iPad.