Why Can't Siri Read My Email?


Episode 1844

Ed from Las Vegas, NV

Ed is blind and uses Siri on the iPhone to help him read stuff. But lately, Siri stopped reading his emails. Leo says that Apple has deprecated that function in Siri, so it doesn't work anymore. Apple recommends using voiceover, but it's much more complex and cumbersome to use. Leo says it makes no sense that Apple has made that change. One of the things that made Siri worth using was that it could read back your email and other text reading functions. WHY APPLE?

Try Out Voice Control on Your Apple TV or Roku Remote!

If you own an Apple TV or Roku for your living room entertainment, try pressing the Siri/voice control button on the remote to find a show. Mention the movie/show and it'll find the streaming service where that title is available. Apple users with a HomePod can even go hands-free with a "Hey Siri" command, while people with a Roku Voice Remote Pro can yell "Hey Roku" if the slider is pushed to 'green' on the nearby device.

Why Won't Siri Read My Email?


Episode 1832

Jay from Wooster, MA

Jay has reached the end of his rope with his father's iPad. It won't read emails with Siri. Leo says that it's possible that his dad's iPad is old and as such, some features aren't supported anymore. Apple could have broken that feature during an update. It could be that the accessibility settings have been turned off. Look in the settings to see if the speech controller is enabled. Go into the accessibility settings and make sure the settings are enabled. Leo tried it with his iPad Mini, and it didn't work either. So it could be that Siri is just plain broken.

Is the iPad a Good Computer If You're Blind?


Episode 1827

Edward from Detroit, MI

Edward is legally blind and wants to know if an iPad would be useful to him, especially with the keyboard. Leo says that an iPad has great accessibility features with voice dictation and screen reading. But the keyboard is digital and that could be a challenge for typing. But Apple has created a ton of features, and Edward can always connect a hardware keyboard to it via Bluetooth.  But try turning on voiceover and rely on Siri to dictate within any text field. It's pretty good. 

What Voice Dictation Software Support's macOS?

Microsoft DIctate

Episode 1789

Tracey from Ashland, OR

Tracey says that Dragon Naturally Speaking doesn't support the Mac anymore. What are her options? Leo says that Apple's Speech to Text, operated by Siri, is quite good. As good as Google's Voice Dictation, which is also good. Microsoft recently bought Dragon, and it's possible that they may add macOS support in the future. Express Dictate by NCH Software is about the only one that's close to Dragon.

How can I train Siri to quote me properly?


Episode 1649

Jeff from Woodland Hills, CA

Jeff wants keyboard shortcuts for his iPhone. Siri keeps misquoting him. Leo says that Siri, and other voice assistants, aren't too bright. But over time, it should adjust to your voice and style. Go to settings - general - keyboard - text replacement. Look in there. Leo also recommends using iOS 13 Shortcuts. That's a great way to customize your iPhone to do things you do all the time.  

How can I do voice dictation on my Mac?


Episode 1510

Tracy from Los Angeles, CA

Tracy wants to know how her husband can do voice dictation on his Mac. Leo says to go to the System Preferences pane for keyboard settings and enable voice dictation on the Dictation tab. Then he can tap the function key twice on his iMac, and that will trigger voice dictation. It's pretty accurate. It won't be perfect, but it'll be 80% there. He can even do voice editing.