How do I wrap my tech for a cross country move?

iMac shipping box

Episode 1518

Dr. Mom from New York, NY

Doctor Mom may be moving cross country and wants to know a safe way to pack her technology, like her computers and her NAS. Leo says that pulling the drives out and wrapping them separately in bubble map is a good idea. Then she can place them together in a box with plenty of shipping material. But the iMac is tougher because she can't take that out. And then there's the huge screen. Ideally, if she still has the box, she can encase it in that with the original packaging. Otherwise, she'll need to just wrap it judiciously in bubble wrap.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Johnny Jet

Episode 1345

This week's app is Air Mule. Think of it as Uber for package shipping, as travelers use their spare luggage space to shop items. $40 for up to 5 pounds. If you have extra space in your luggage, you can rent it to people needing something shipped. Packages can be delivered internationally within 24-72 hours.

Website: Find out where to get a flu shot near you. Usually a local pharmacy.

How would I sell and ship products online?

Episode 986

Alem from Montreal, Quebec CAN

Alem and a friend in the US have created a product they want to sell online. Leo says that shipping to other countries will involve tariffs and taxes. So it's important to fulfill in country. Leo says that Amazon does fullfillment and they specialize on small businesses and can handle overseas shipping as well. If it's a tech product, there's also NewEgg. Both handle fullfillment for small businesses.