How can I upload video while traveling?

SanDisk USB 3.0 flash drive

Episode 1357

Ron from Rome, ITALY

Ron is driving an RV around Europe. He wants to be able to upload all his 4K videos to the cloud. Leo says that he can upload them to YouTube or Vimeo. Both support 4K, but he won't have sufficient bandwidth to do that. Leo recommends saving them to an external drive and then shipping them home. Or he can just send thumbdrives, which he can get as large as 256GB now. Shipping them would be the most efficient way to back them up. Uploading, even at an internet cafe, would take forever.

How can I share my internet access securely?

Episode 1214

Anthony from Ontario, CA

Anthony shares his internet access with a tenant who wants hardwire access to the modem. Leo says that makes it difficult to isolate, and he'll need a second router, or better yet, a third router. He should segment them on the network so that the tenant doesn't have access to Anthony's data. Leo recommends checking out for how to do it.

Facebook's Mobile App Now Shares Your Location with Friends

Episode 1075

Facebook recently introduced a location sharing feature in its mobile app where it tells your friends where you are at all times, and allows you to see your friend's location. It also will notify you if you're near one of your Facebook friends.

Facebook ‘Nearby Friends’ Will Track Your Location History To Target You With Ads (TechCrunch)…

What's the safest way to share photos and live video online?

Episode 1032

Brent from Tennessee

Brent wants to share photos with friends and family and wants to know the safest way to share them. Leo suggests DropBox. He can securely share images by dragging and dropping images to a folder on his PC that will then upload them to the cloud. Then he can share the images by sending his friends a link to the folder he's given them permission to access.

Will a powerline adaptor work to share internet with my Mom in the same apartment building?

Episode 1002

Nick from Northridge, CA

Nick lives in an apartment complex where his mother lives. He wants to know if the powerline adapter will enable him and his mom to share internet. Leo says not with the powerline adapter, It won't go over junction boxes. They could just use Wi-Fi though.

What is a good professional backup solution for digital photography?

Episode 924

Nick from Los Angeles, CA

Nick is a photographer and he wants to set up a good backup solution for backing up his hi-res still photos. He's currently using DropBox. Leo says that DropBox is not the ideal backup solution for a professional, and suggests going to It's funded by the National Archives, and provides tips on how to best backup and archive your images.