How can I get better search results for my website?

Episode 1439

Dennis from Houston, TX

Dennis has a website and he wants it to be high in the search rankings. How does he do it? Leo says to avoid search engine optimization services that promise high results. Leo says it's snake oil. Google has a site called Google Webmasters, which will teach him how to organically get high rankings through good content that is constantly fresh. He should be wary of anyone who promises too much. If they attempt to game the system, he could get delisted by Google. So he should start with Google Webmasters.

How can I get Google to give me better web page ranking results?

Episode 1299

Michael from California

Michael has a website and has learned that Google has changed the rules regarding SEO. Leo says that Google is always changing the rules in an effort to combat spam. Michael's analytics have dropped dramatically since then, though. Leo says that following the webmasters tools based on Google's analytics is really the best thing to do. Will using Java affect his SEO? Leo says no. Having an updated site map will improve his chances. Making his website "mobile responsive" will also be rewarded. Loading speeds are also key.

Is Search Engine Optimization legit?

Episode 1200

Michael from Gadsen, AL

Michael has a home based business and would like to have his search results pop up higher. Will Search Engine Optimzation help? Leo says no -- it's snake oil. And it could cause Google to penalize him by downranking him or removing him from search entirely. SEOs overpromise and under deliver.

Leo recommends following Google's tutorials at, and he will learn everything he needs to know to get better search engine results.

How can I get traffic to my self published book?

Episode 1174

Martin from Mesa, AZ

Martin has a book on Amazon Kindle and wants to know how he can generate more traffic to it. Is there software that does that? Leo says that Google would let him buy search terms, or "adwords." He also should have an affiliate link for his book on his website. But he should beware as a self publisher of being lured in by SEO firms. Leo doesn't like SEO firms because they make snake oil claims about putting you number one in the search results. He should ask himself if he's never used what they are offering, would anyone else?

How can I improve my search results through Search Engine Optimization?

Episode 918

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that SEO is snake oil, in his opinion, and it's a scam that is used to bilk people out of money. It even could get him delisted from Google, which means he may as well not exist. He could buy an adword from google and his result will show up at the top of the list, but it's not cheap. Google uses page rankings, and the only real way to get a successful return is to get other pages to link to you.

Is there a good way to do search engine optimization (SEO)?

Episode 911

Brian from Simi Valley, CA

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be risky, because if he goes about it the wrong way, he could get banned by Google. There are, however, key things to do to improve his results. The first 1500 characters of his page should have everything about him. Read up on Google's document on SEO. There's also an article on BuzzFeed on Human Curation and SEO.