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How do I advertise my self published book?

How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki

Episode 1631

Mike from Los Angeles, CA

Mike recently self-published his first book. Now he needs help advertising it. Leo says that social media, Google, and Amazon are the three best places to advertise. But he also asks "where are your readers"? For that, Facebook and Google are the best to go for buying advertising. And the marketing is very narrowly focused, with small $100 buys.  Leo recommends APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki.

How can I publish a book on Apple iBooks?

Apple iBooks Author

Episode 1334

Noberto from Whittier, CA

Noberto is a retired scientist turned self published author. He wrote and published his book through Amazon's Create Space and wants to expand to Apple iBooks. Leo says that using Create Space means he's stuck with just Amazon, and that really is the biggest place. Getting it on Apple iBooks can be done in a similar fashion. Apple offers iBooks Author for free. Apple will let him do self published works, but the key is to get it in the right format (ePub).

How can I publish my own book?

Episode 1246

Sundeep from Orlando, FL

Sundeep has a friend who has created a Christmas book for children and he wants to help them maintain inventory for selling their book online. Leo says that self publishing is a great way to go, but doing your own fulfillment is not. He should check out the book "Author Publisher Entrepreneur" (APE) by Guy Kawasaki. Printing on demand is a great way to go. They should check out for this, and they can even sell through Amazon. Leo also recommends shipping via

How can I get traffic to my self published book?

Episode 1174

Martin from Mesa, AZ

Martin has a book on Amazon Kindle and wants to know how he can generate more traffic to it. Is there software that does that? Leo says that Google would let him buy search terms, or "adwords." He also should have an affiliate link for his book on his website. But he should beware as a self publisher of being lured in by SEO firms. Leo doesn't like SEO firms because they make snake oil claims about putting you number one in the search results. He should ask himself if he's never used what they are offering, would anyone else?

What's the best domain extension?

Episode 985

David from New York, NY

David is writing a book that he plans to self publish. Leo says to make sure he has a website for the book and a key domain name is important. David wonders what he should do if the domain name for the title is already taken. Leo says that adding "thebook" to the URL is OK. He's wondering if ".TV" is worth considering. Leo says no, and it confuses people. It makes sense if he's doing video, or .am for radio. Any other use for those domains is just confusing. His first choice should be ".com", with ".net" being a close second.