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What Security Camera System Should I Buy?

WyzeCam v3

Episode 1775

Patricia from Santa Barbara, CA

Patricia wants to set up a security monitor system with motion capture for her art gallery. What should she buy? Leo would recommend having a professional come in and install the system for you. Leo says that if you need to go self-install, then he recommends Wyze. Their wireless WiFi cameras can do continuous recording through an SD card on the camera itself. And starting at $20 per camera, they're a great deal.  The other option is the Ubiquity security cameras. They aren't wireless though. The question is, do you want wireless or continuous recording and display. You can't do both. 

What's a good security camera?

Wyze Cam v3

Episode 1754

Leo from Orange County, CA

Leo isn't happy with his Arlo Pro security cameras and is looking for an alternative. Leo uses NEST cameras. But their service is expensive. A good budget-friendly option is the Wyze cam. Their new outdoor cameras, v3, are around $50. They are battery-powered and motion-activated. So they only record when there's movement. So you get 3-6 months on a charge. Wyze offers a subscription, but it isn't required since they record to a microSD card. 

They also have wired outdoor cameras with great low light capability.

Does Wyze make an outdoor camera?

Wyze Camera

Episode 1718

Bill from Goleta, CA

Bill gets emails from Wyze about the new Wyze Cube that has an outdoor camera and a base station for $50. Is that a good deal? Leo says that he's a huge fan of Wyze because they sell their cameras for a very affordable price, with more features for each price point. And they don't require a prescription to store, either (though you can pay $15 a year for unlimited storage). The cameras record to a local SD card slot and ping you when there's movement. The outdoor cameras are a little more expensive because they are weatherproof. ($50) But that's still a bargain vs.

Is there a security camera that doens't charge for storage?

Wyze Cam

Episode 1716

Kenny from Springfield, MO

Kenny wants to know if there's a security camera that supports iCloud or DropBox for storage of their security video. Leo says that probably the best bet is the Wyze Cam. It's under $30 and doesn't include any cost for storage. The trick is, it doesn't always record, just when it detects motion or noise. But that's kinda what you want. And you can't beat the price. And now, they have an outdoor version.

How Can I Use a Security Camera to Find My Cat?


Episode 1681

Patricia from California

Patricia's cat is missing and wants to know how she can use cameras to find her. Leo says to post notices to apps like Facebook, and Then, she can get the WyzeCam, which is wifi connected, has night vision and is motion detected. She can then be notified by the camera when the cat comes into view. She can even talk to the cat live through the camera. It can't be purchased through Amazon right now, because they are prioritizing essentials.

How Do I Set Up Security Cameras with Alexa?


Episode 1675

Stan from Victorville, CA

Stan has Arlo security cameras around his home and several IOT devices around his home. But all his devices go off and warn him if there's movement on one camera, but not the rest. Leo suspects that your other cameras haven't had the notification enabled. ScooterX in the chatroom says that the Arlo cameras linked to his Echo need the skill to do it. Check this technote. He will need to go into his Alexa app and discover all the cameras.

How far can a WiFi Security Camera signal go?


Episode 1636

Todd from Portland, OR

Todd has built a WiFi based security system and he's been able to get reception at a distance of a half mile. Leo says that's incredible. But if you have an unobstructed view line of sight, it may happen. But any kind of metal in between can cause that range to lower, or the bandwidth quality to drop, especially when transmitting video. Leo says you could try moving the stations around to get a better line of sight connection.

What's a good, affordable security camera?

Wyze Cam

Episode 1623

Susan from San Diego, CA

Susan has a fighting studio, and she needs some security cameras. Preferably something wireless. Recommendations? Leo says that battery-powered cameras wouldn't work because they are motion-controlled. So Leo recommends cameras that are wired for AC power. He recommends the Google NEST Camera. But the downside is, that they're expensive and the monthly fee is required for storage.  A better affordable option is WyzeCam. They start at $20. Offer night vision. Have two-way audio. And you can view them online.